As usual, the congress will have a Field Day, on 26 in October, with three alternative routes, one of patrimonial approach, from the Madrilenian Cornice to the Sierra de Guadarrama, another on the city of Madrid and another on the space metropolitan from the north to the southwest.

1.- Landscape and heritage: from the Madrilenian cornice to the Sierra de Guadarrama

The Sierra de Guadarrama, National Park since 2013 and final destination of this tour, has a close relationship with the city of Madrid, especially since the last quarter of the nineteenth century, when scientific study begins and becomes the preferred place for tours of the Free Institution of Education also initiated an intense sporting activity regarding mountaineering and snow sports.

The excursion will begin with a presentation of the cornice of Madrid as a heritage landscape over the Manzanares river valley, a natural and cultural corridor between the capital and the Sierra. Continue to the northwest with a stop in the foothills of El Escorial, recognizing the landscape that make up the Royal Monastery and its surroundings. It will be continued later towards the Port of Navacerrada. Way of the Port will make a brief stop in the Source of the Geologists, monument that perfectly reflects the bonds created between the scientific institutions of Madrid and the Guadarrama. The next stop will take place in the Puerto de Cotos, where there will be a short tour of the road that leads to the Peñalara lagoon, presenting the natural heritage and the landscape of the peaks, the meaning and objectives of the national park, and the origins and evolution of hiking in the area. In what would be already the way back, the last stop will be in the Cartuja de El Paular, in Rascafría, the most representative monument of the values ​​that the institutions gave to the old Castilian kingdom.

2.- The city of Madrid: urban regeneration and requalification

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The exit through the city of Madrid will be developed by different areas affected by both physical and social changes caused by processes of renovation, rehabilitation or revitalization, occurring at different scales, with different chronologies and dynamics and with premises and results also very contrasted.

The tour will start in the emblematic example of neoliberal urbanism in the capital, the business park of the Cuatro Torres Business Area, born in 2008 on the grounds of the old sports city of Real Madrid, shortly before the housing crisis that truncates the continuidadde transformation across the Paseo de la Castellana, with Operation Chamartin. Further south, the area of ​​Paseo de la direction, with work halted nearly five years on one of the last pockets of substandard housing, allow to raise the recent turn in municipal policies with new proposals that alter the premises of a macro-project very answered by neighbors.

The itinerary will follow the historical district, on rehabilitation areas bounded by planning, with two opposing symbols, the old Mercado de San Miguel, now converted by the combination of private initiative and public support "Leisure Centre Gastronomic" and the occupied site of the old sports of America and demolished, transformed into self-managed space barley field. The day will continue for Madrid-Rio conceived as a spectacular strategic project of partial undergrounding of the ring road M-30 and recovery of the Manzanares River, with multiple leads for the whole city and, in particular, for the revitalization of the area. From the contemporary creative center of the City, Matadero Madrid, we move to what will in a still undetermined future physical continuity with this sector, Section I of the Manzanares Park, fenced and closed at night, where we climb to the viewpoint of the Atalaya, crowned by the Head of Ariadna.

Subsequently, we assess the results of a novel intervention for its environmental considerations related to urban sustainability criteria questionable, misguided in its approach and bogged down by the lack of municipal commitment, ecobarrio in Puente de Vallecas. Finally, we will go to Madrid-Sur, one of the pioneer areas in urban regeneration of the affected programs neighborhoods Remodeling during the eighties of the last century periphery, where the building of the regional parliament opened in 1998, the Madrid Assembly, municipal socialist icon South requalification project.

3.- metropolitan areas of the urban region of Madrid: north southwest

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This geographical excursion is designed to recognize various field processes, configurations and diverse metropolitan problems of the urban region of Madrid, in environmental contexts, locational and landscape. The tour will start in the north of the region, with two significant examples of metropolization in its northern part: the urban development of Colmenar Viejo, historical center in the piedmont, and Tres Cantos, new city born in the sixties in the Urgent action program Urbanísticas (ACTUR), with an important industrial and technological conglomerate associated. It will address in parallel the role of open spaces, some of high property values ​​and the pressures on the organization of the metropolitan area, with a visit to the southern end of the Monte de El Pardo. He will present the model of residential development house intended for people of high economic level and outsourcing western metropolitan, with deployments as the "financial city" Bank Group Santander and various private university campus in the area of ​​high environmental interest Boadilla del Mountain. The tour ends at the southwestern end of the first metropolitan crown, with the case of Fuenlabrada and evolution of Castilian farming village to a metropolitan city, addressing the territorial model of planning and urban management and efforts to mend relations city-countryside through its Agricultural Park. The tour also will address the meaning of infrastructure, especially the transport and mobility issues in the organization and operation of the urban region of Madrid.

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