Inaugural conference

Inaugural Conference of the Congress by Saskia Sassen. Prince of Asturias Awards. 25 October 2017 Day. Hours: 9,30 to 10,30 h. Hall of Events of the CSIC Headquarters.

Geographies of Expulsion

Among the most powerful emerging patterns that define the present is a mixture of economic and political vectors marked by extraction logics - from mining to google and Facebook. During the last two decades we have witnessed a strong growth in the number of people, companies and places that have been expelled from the main social and economic orders of our time. Once expelled, a kind of strange invisibility appears, no matter what the entity is expelled, whether 30 million people expelled from their homes in the United States. during the last decade, or the extensions of dead lands and waters that expand rapidly in our world. In some cases, this tendency towards radical expulsion has been made possible by elementary decisions, but in others it has been because of some of our most advanced economic and technical achievements. I use the notion of expulsions to go beyond the more familiar notion of increasing inequality, and thus reach some of the most complex pathologies in the world today, highlighting the fact that certain forms of knowledge and intelligence that we respect and admire are often at the origin of long chains of transaction that can end in pure and brutal expulsions.

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